ONE – Using Your Gifts…

I have always been a writer. As an only child my imagination was free to run wild, and I often spent holidays creating characters and worlds for myself to get lost in. When I got older, I began writing them down as short stories so that I’d never forget what my mind had created. (There were A LOT of ideas, something that has never changed…)

My best friend, Tasha, ever faithful and supportive, read everything I ever wrote. She still does. Sharing those early stories with her, and receiving such loving, honest feedback was what motivated me to keep writing, keep learning, keep aiming for bigger and better stories.

As a teenager, I lost my way with writing for a while. I remembered the fun I had playing out my stories as a child and decided I wanted to act – even going to college to do so. But throughout all the shows, long classes and exhausting tech rehearsals, the one thing I kept doing was writing. It was a passion that refused to die out. An idea would come to me and I’d instantly start work, regardless of whether or not I’d finished the last one (hence why I have so many unfinished novels).

So when it came to going to uni to finish my degree, I had to carefully consider my future. I had enjoyed my acting training. I’d met some great people. But it wasn’t a perfect fit. The only thing that had ever come naturally to me was writing.

So now I’m here; studying Drama and Performance, but taking Screenwriting and Playwriting modules. I combined my two loves – writing and the theatre – and as I sit in my lectures, learning about my craft and developing my skills…I’m inspired. I am eager to put my work out there, and share my experiences as I go.

But most importantly, it’s reminded me that my ability to write is no fluke. I want to use the gift I’ve been given for its true purpose.

University has been, even just in these two short months, one of the hardest experiences of my life. My course, by all means, is a dream – which I know is a blessing and certainly half the battle. But I have never felt so out of sorts. As my mum so wonderfully put it, coming as a direct entry student from college into 3rd year, I am ‘doing all the first year stuff (moving out, meeting new people, finding a new church etc.) all while juggling the workload of a senior student aiming for her degree’. And it’s been…a lot, to say the least.

But, most importantly, despite all of the unrest it has done wonders for my faith in the Lord and for my walk with Him. I have found the most incredible new church here, which has renewed my relationship in a way I never expected. They have a fantastic support system for students (which covers everything from student lunches to weekly bible studies), meaning I’ve met more young Christians these past two months than I’ve ever met in my entire life. The feeling of being surrounded by other Christians your own age is unlike anything I have ever experienced. You walk into a room of what should be complete strangers, and find you immediately feel like a family. You’ve known each other for years. There is instant love and support between you. An eagerness to serve and to challenge one another, and most importantly a willingness for us all to win what all too often feels like a battle.

Being a young, Christian woman in this Modern World is hard. Ask anyone. The bravery required to stand (often) alone, to defend the Gospel, to defend what you love, is immense. But that bravery doesn’t come from us. It comes from the Lord. And I guess that’s the whole point. We are but human. Flawed, weak, unable to save ourselves. But God works within us, and changes us. Renews us. We are completely made new, and our journey with Him aligns our hearts to His Will for our lives, and we rejoice in that. We rejoice in Him.

Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice. (Phillippians, 4:4)

I believe God has given me this love and ability to write for a purpose. A purpose that glorifies Him, and shares His Gospel with others. This blog is the first step in that journey, as I figure out exactly what that means for me, because what better way to start sharing the Gospel, than by simply sharing it?

My hope is that God will use my words for His glory, and will reveal to me the experiences and thoughts I should share with you all. I also hope that you recognise some of yourselves in my journey, as a reminder that no Christian is ever alone. Our walks may different, individual, and personal – but we walk them together.

“There are different kinds of service, but the same LORD.” (1 Corinthians, 12:5)

Kate (Tales of Faith) – 08/11/2018








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